Polyphonic is a music streaming & community site. The company wants us to design their annual summary in the form of a microsite. They would like to share this microsite with their valued subscribers to showcase the platform's year-in-music. From information about the platform's values and growth; to stats about subscriber engagement; and articles about how the foundations of the company are built on the true values of the industry, and how it plans to embrace new technology and exciting times ahead. Polyphonic pride themselves on their indie, underground, far-out approach and would like the microsite to capture and reflect that theme or tone.
In order to make the website capture and reflect the indie, underground, far-out approach, the website applied dark background with vibrant colour element to highlight the tones of the company. The design concept is aimed to create a relax and mystery website while letting the website end-user keep the browsing action continuously. The website applied sound rhythm symbol as the navigation bar’s main feature, once the user hovers on it, the rhythm wave will change to a higher volume wave. Bottom left corner is the playing graphic of website’s background music with its sound wave. Avoiding the baldness of reading the data of the website achievements, the design has utilised infographic which is the emphasis of the company’s appeal - how it plans to embrace new technology and exciting times ahead.

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